What's the big deal about batching anyway?

Glad you asked! Batching IS a big deal.


Cause it saves you time.

And time is a precious thing these days; less time on the computer means more time shooting, spending with family, learning how to knit, all the cool things!

In all seriousness, batching allows you to automate the editing of images. Why not just use image processor in Photoshop? We thought the same thing until we realized how limited it was.

Photographers often run a series of actions or steps in their workflow. There is a lot of mouse clicking - setting up save folders, running actions, waiting for photoshop to do its thing. If you have a large volume of images to edit, this can be very time consuming.

What if we told you with Batch+ you could fully automate all of these tasks, prepare a folder of images for editing and walk away from the computer?
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