How are images ordered within a storyboard?

Images can be ordered in your storyboards in one of two ways.  

First, in order to keep things hands off, images are placed into the storyboard in the sequential order they exist in the folder (i.e. sorted by filename), so image-1.jpg will always be placed first, image-2.jpg second, regardless of what order you select them in.  

If you need more control of your image order, you have a second option (CS4 and above only), which is holding the Option (Mac) or Alt (PC) key when clicking the ‘Open’ or ‘OK’ button on the window that asks you for storyboard images.

When you do this, you will be prompted with a window to re-arrange your images!  When you have the image order to your liking, just click done and watch Storyboard continue the magic.

If you would like to be prompted to reorder your images every time you select them, or would like to use this functionality under Photoshop CS3, there is an option you can toggle in the Storyboard Configuration.

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