How can I upgrade Storyboard to the latest version?

Please follow these simple steps to upgrade Storyboard to the most recent version:

  1. Log into your My Account section on the Code & Hustle website
  2. Once you have accessed your account details, look for your available downloads and take note of the latest version of Storyboard
  3. Download the latest version
  4. Any existing purchased add-ons (SEO and Advanced Cropping) will need to be backed up to a convenient location before proceeding to the next step. You can access these in the Storyboard Configuration advanced tab by clicking 'manage add-ons' and copy/pasting these to the desktop for the time being.
  5. Remove your existing Storyboard folder in the Photoshop Scripts folder. Replace with this newly downloaded Storyboard folder. (See installation instructions for more details)
  6. Restart photoshop.
  7. Re-install any purchased add-ons by copying them to the same location as mentioned in step 4 above
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