I've Upgraded to Photoshop CC And Now Storyboard 2.0 Is Not Working?

With the release of Photoshop CC there are many changes made to the scripting environment from Adobe that directly affect Storyboard 2.0. You may experience some errors when trying to Storyboard together 2 vertical images, as well as some others.

As of now, Code & Hustle has ceased development on SB 2.0 as we have since launched Storyboard 3.0 which is our most powerful and feature rich version of Storyboard to date.

Users of SB 2.0 have a few options when they have upgraded to Photoshop CC....

1. You may have luck solving any current issues you have by unchecking the option to 'ask to re-order' in the Storyboard configuration.  This is the very first option that can be found there. Be aware that while unchecking this option may cause the errors to stop, you will lose this particular functionality.

2. Users of SB 2.0 can upgrade to SB 3.0 at a nominal fee. This can be done using your prior purchase credentials (email and license key) which can be seen on our Storyboard 3 product purchase page - look for 'upgrading from an older version"

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